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Zach & Zack…

strive to blend their separate styles of detailed technical work and highly physical acting into productions that leave lasting impressions on audience members. Our previous two productions of Rocky Horror won NUVO’s Best of Indy for #1 Locally Produced Play, and our 2017 IndyFringe production of The Gab won Outstanding Local Show and Audience Choice. Other collaborations include The Great Bike Race, Holy Ficus, Bat Boy The Musical, Heathers The Musical, Mad Mad Hercules and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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The creators of THE GREAT BIKE RACE and THE GAB shine a new light on America’s wisest, folksiest and…well, cattiest author: Mark Twain. Telling the life story of the author through his greatest works, YAS, TWAIN is perfect for diehards and newbies alike. Also it’s super gay. Part of the 2019 IndyFringe Festival. Featuring Matthew Altman, Christian Condra, Shawnté Gaston, Tiffany Gilliam, Mary Margaret Montgomery and Evan Wallace

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